Benjamin Shiller

Assistant Professor — Department of Economics — Brandeis University

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Working Papers

Are Coarse Ratings Fine? Application to Crashworthiness Ratings' Format (with Siqi Liu and Bhoomija Ranjan)


Approximating Purchase Propensities and Reservation Prices from Broad Consumer Tracking International Economic Review, 2020
Previously circulated under the title: "First Degree Price Discrimination Using Big Data"
Policy impact: Cited by White House Policy Report
The Impacts of Telematics on Competition and Consumer Behavior in Insurance (with Imke Reimers) The Journal of Law and Economics, 2019
The Effect of Ad Blocking on Website Traffic and Quality (with Joel Waldfogel and Johnny Ryan) The RAND Journal of Economics, 2018
Previously circulated under the title: "Will Ad Blocking Break the Internet?"
Press Coverage: VOX EU, Business Insider
Digital Distribution and the Prohibition of Resale Markets for Information Goods Quantitative Marketing and Economics, 2013
The Challenge of Revenue Sharing with Bundled Pricing: An Application to Digital Music (with Joel Waldfogel) Economic Inquiry, 2013
Music for a Song: An Empirical Look at Uniform Pricing and Its Alternatives (with Joel Waldfogel) The Journal of Industrial Economics, 2011
Press Coverage: The Economist, VOX EU,